Coconut oil for your dog
Best Alternative for Their Health

Coconut oil for your dog- It is that time again. Hot/muggy weather awakening the allergens and fleas!

Bella, my dog, suffers from skin allergies. On top of this, she is prone to ear infections.

When she arrived here, she began scratching her skin and digging her ear. She had an ear infection and skin allergies.

The vet promptly put her on antibiotics and steroids. The steroids were to address the skin irritation. The antibiotics cleared her ear infection, but her skin continued to irritate her.

With her persistent scratching and discomfort from her skin, the vet suggested another round of steroids. Being hesitant to use more steroids, I opted to seek an alternative treatment.

I found coconut oil for dogs is alternative treatment I was searching for. It worked! Her skin began to clear and I saw here eyes light up. She felt great and loved the new treat, coconut oil!

Coconut Oil Dosage for Your Dog

  • 1 tsp per 10 lbs of weight
  • 1 tblsp per 30 lbs of weight
  • Gradually increase to maximum dosage. Example, A 100 lb dog would need approximately 3 1/2 tblsp a day. A 10 lb dog would need 1 tsp of coconut oil a day. These are general guidelines.If the stool becomes runny or has a greasy appearance, lower the dosage a bit. My dog Bella, an English Mastiff weighs 125 lbs. 2 tblsp a day are sufficient for her.

    Dogs love coconut oil as a treat, they will beg for more

    The medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil, capric acid, caprylic acid, and lauricidin that are good for us, have the same impact on your dog.

    Dogs and Coconut Oil

    Beautifying the coat, while moisturizing the skin. Hotspots, bug bites and allergies are relieved. Topically, this tropical oil eases the itch and burning.

    This makes a great rinse after a bath.


  • Melt 2 tblsp of oil in a cup of hot water
  • After bathing, refill the tub with luke warm water, add the cup of melted oil into the running water.using a plastic bowl, pour the coconut oil water all over the dogs coat, rubbing to get down to the skin. Be sure to get the whole body.
  • Do not rinse

    Dry as usual. you will immediatley notice the coats healthy condition. And it smells great!

    Ear Infections

    Symptoms include- Digging the ear, bad odor, shaking head/tilting head and brown discharge.

    Infections come from moisture in the ear. Debri such as dirt, dust and grass particles lodging in the ear. Mites/bugs penetrating the ear canal.

    Coconut oil soothes your dogs ear, bringing a happy pup. It is said to clear infections as well.

    As an ear wash, coconut oil cleanses and deodorizes your dogs ears. Simply wipe excess gunk out. Use it weekly in warmer weather to keep ears clear.

    Yeast Infections

    Coconut oil for a female dog suffering with yeast infections has been reported to help. The oil is antifungal, killing the fungi. Introduce as a supplement as well as topical application to keep the area clean.


    My experience with coconut oil for mites was with a cat. After hearing me talk of the miracle oil that helped bella, a friend brought their cat to see me.

    She had been digging her ears and shaking her head. Looking in her ears, we saw black specks, a sure sign of mites.

    I placed a small amount of the tropical oil in her ears, massaging it down into the canal. Wiping the ears out, huge amounts of debri came out.

    Her disposition changed. Going from miserable to happy, the evidence was apparant.

    The oil immediately relieved the symptoms. Taking a month to rid all the mites and eggs, she is a very happy kitty now.

    Your pup will benefit in the same way. Coconut oil for your dogs ears is truly the way to go. Pleasant smell, and naturally, from nature.

    Regardless of the causes of itching, this oil seems to calm the fiercest itch.

    Additional uses of Coconut Oil for your Dog or Pet

    How can coconut oil benefit your dog within- Many owners report great results for their dog.

    • Anti-inflammatory- Arthritis, joint and ligament pain
    • Doggy odor removal
    • Hair balls
    • Improves digestion
    • Parasites
    • Weeping eye stain

    First aid

  • Minor cuts and scrapes
  • cracked pads
  • Hot spots
  • Massage on gums for oral health.


    Begin using coconut oil when the pet moves in. This may prevent many of the issues discussed.

    I have been using coconut oil on my dog for over a year. I am very pleased with all the results.

    Her coat is healthy. Her ears are clean and smell great! Her health is excellent and the best part, she loves it.

  • For Hotspots, cut the fur around the spot and apply the oil directly on the spot. This acts as an antiseptic, bringing comfort and healing. Do this until the spot is gone.
  • Giving coconut oil as a supplement for your dog, may aid in many ailments.
  • Prevention is the key, coconut oil for your dog may maintain health and cure what ails them.

  • Check out this page for more ways to use this tropical remedy.

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