Coconut Oil
My Secret Ingredient For Health and Beauty

Imagine if there was a natural product, an oil that is so versatile it can be used from the kitchen to bath to the car.

Yes, there is! I found this in Coconut oil. The benefits gained, the money saved made this a no brainer for me. 

Discover the best tips and tricks with coconut oil. Including my own personal success with acne, eyelashes, my dog and more.

liquid coconut oil

~My first secret~

The day I purchased my first jar of this oil, I knew I was onto something.

Beginning with my dog Bella, the healing ability of this miraculous oil began to emerge.

Arriving from a foster home, suffering from skin allergies and an ear infection, she was miserable. Her ears had drainage and she continually scratched and chewed at her skin.

As usual, the standard antibiotics and steroids were prescribed. Her ears cleared, yet, her skin continued to irritate her. Constant scratching was the exercise of the day.

The vet suggested another round of steroids to clear her skin. This was not to my liking, so I began to seek alternative treatments.

As I searched, this tropical oil continued to show promise. I purchased my first jar, and began giving it to her as a supplement. In three days, a few doses later, she was itch free.

Fresh coconut

Impressive! Can it help me?

My new discovery led me to the amazing healing properties of this oil.

Head to toe, your hair will shine, your toes will be stellar and all the body parts in between will feel great!

Alzheimers~ Dr Mary Newports discovery of this oil...

Aids~ The new findings, is this a cure?

Cholesterol~ What I have learned about food and coconut oil..

Cradle cap~ easy removal while you bond with your baby.

Diabetes~ Yes, this works for me....It may work for you.

Natural skin care.....

And my eyelashes...No longer do I fear looking in the mirror

And many more.

Is this oil safe?

Absolutely! It is a food; coconut oil has been used by islanders for thousands of years. It is said they have the lowest rate of heart disease, diabetes, alzheimers and many other ailments known in the western world.

Great news! Are there other uses of coconut oil?

Absolutely! This is a great healthy cooking oil. It adds a unique flavor to many recipes.

Smoothie making is taken to a new level.

Not to mention weight loss with this oil....Learn the trick

First aid- I now turn to this oil to treat a burn, scratches and bug bites.

In a nutshell, nature has provided us with a pharmacy in a jar. This is not the end all to be all, yet, this can replace many products in your home.

So why not grab your favorite beverage, explore the site and most of all, enjoy!

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We strive to provide the most accurate up to date information on this tropical oil. If you have questions, we may have the answer, if not we will do our best to find it for you. Just use the contact form and submit any question or comment.


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