Coconut oil Capsules~
The Difference

Coconut oil capsules are an alternative for those that cannot take coconut oil. It triggers their gag reflex, they turn to capsules for the benefits of this oil. The jury is out as to the effectiveness of capsules vs eating coconut oil by the spoonful.

I recently spoke to someone that uses coconut oil for everything. She cannot swallow pure coconut oil; Therefore she opts to cook and bake with this oil, and taking the capsules as a supplement. Cooking and baking with coconut oil is a great way to consume the oil.

Others have found they do like coconut oil; Their first experience was the brand of coconut oil or the method used to produce it, not the oil itself. There is a marked difference in flavor and texture between some brands.

Straight oil vs. Capsules

The amount of coconut oil in capsules is minimal compared to raw or expeller pressed coconut oil. According to Mary Enig, the recommended dosage of coconut oil is 3-3.5 tblsp a day(approximatley 40 grams).

Mary Enig is the pioneer of coconut oil, with vast knowledge on the benefits of it, and cooking with this tropical oil.

In capsules, you get 1000mg(1 gram) of oil. This is a marked difference from the recommended daily amount.

Although, reviews from those that do take these capsules are positive, the experience of the capsules vs straight oil may very tremendously.

What to consider with coconut oil capsules-

Other things to consider are what the oil is encapsulated in?

Animal collegen(from skin and bone)

Plant collegen( plant cellulose)

  • Next is considering what the animal was fed/how the plant was grown.
  • In animal collegen, antibiotics and hormones added to the feed may be present in the capsules.

Plant collegen may be derived from GMO(Geneticly modified food) along with insecticides.

Therefore, you may be getting more than you bargained for.

 I found these ingredients on 3 different brands of coconut oil capsules-

  • Organic coconut oil, non-GMO cornstarch, carrageenan, glycerin, sorbitol, purified water
  • Gelatin, Medium Chain Triglycerides, Vegetable Glycerin,Titanium Dioxide Color
  • Gelatin, Medium Chain Triglycerides, Glycerin, Titanium Dioxide

All you want is the benefits of coconut oil, right?

Prices of capsules vs pure oil-

When comparing the prices, the amount per serving may make a difference

Coconut oil capsules

Dosage- 2-4 capsules a day.

120 capsules per bottle

1000 mg capsules

Taking the lower dosage(2). Divide that by 120 gives you a 60 day supply.

Average pricing per bottle is $20.00. This boils down to approximatley 33.3 cents a day. This is for 2 grams of oil.

Pure coconut oil

Dosage- 2 tblsp a day.

32 ounce jar=16 servings

Average price for 16 oz is $10.00. doses approximately 31 cents per tblsp. your getting 13 grams of oil per dose.

To get the same amount of oil taking the capsules, you would have to take 13 capsules a day for the equivilant of 1 tbslp pure oil. Now this is beginning to get costly.

Note- Prices used here are averages for quality oil, yet reasonably priced.

In a nutshell, coconut oil capsules may be an alternative for some. Yet you are getting added ingredients with a small amount of pure coconut oil. With the amount in the capsule, it is just as easy to add the milligram to coffee, tea or your choice of beverage from a jar of pure natural coconut oil.


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