Vaginal Atrophy-Dry to Moist-Naturally with Coconut Oil

Discover how Vaginal Atrophy can affect your life and how you can overcome the pain and discomfort associated with it.

Disclaimer- I am not a physician, medical professional or a natural healer. I offer my experience with common conditions that may help you. Always seek professional medical advice before attempting self treatment.

Your having some feminine itch, pain with intercourse,  you are going through menopause-It may be Vaginal Atrophy.

This condition affects at least 50% of woman. Most often during Peri-Menopause/in the midst of and after Menopause.

Symptoms of Vaginal Atrophy include but not limited to-

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Itching
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Vulva inflammation- especially after intercourse

The most common reason for this is the depletion of estrogen that occurs when we begin "The change of life"

Click here for a comprehensive explanation of this process. This will open a new window.

I get it, I really do! I am there. Hormone replacement, over the counter lubricants are not for me. Finding an alternative came easy for me.

Herbal Remedy cart in San Juan de los Lagos, Mexico.

I did have my go to oil-Coconut oil! It didnt dawn on me at first. One day while being a tad uncomfortable, I saw my jar in the bathroom. Heck, it works great on my eyelashes, why not where the sun does not shine?(Being kind here) 

Knowing all to well what coconut oil has done in the past, I should not have been surprised, yet I was. Instant relief!

I had read about herbal suppositories you can get from a Naturopath- But why, if this natural oil works so well?

I came up with this-

Applying coconut oil for Vaginal Atrophy-or just because-

To prevent the itch from coming-

  • Apply daily after showering-use liberally in the beginning.
  • Using it daily, you may find the oil actually absorbs. When this occurs, continue using the oil, just a lesser amount. Wipe off excess, you dont want it dripping.

Use as a suppository-

  • Use an icecube tray(small cube/mold)
  • Pour in liquid oil, put in  refrigerator, Do Not Freeze

Coconut oil becomes rock solid if colder than 70 degrees. The melting point is 76 degrees. The refrigerator will harden it just fine.

Use as you would any suppository. As stated above, check with your primary medical provider before treating with home treatments/natural remedies

Keeping lubricate will not only keep you comfortable-It may bring a new level during intimate times. This is also a great massage oil.

Good Bye Dyspareunia, pain and itch. Hello Coconut oil!

Read more about the many benefits of coconut oil(opens a new window)


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