Skin Cancer and Coconut Oil-
Other Natural Remedies

Here is why I would not use coconut oil for skin cancer or as a sunscreen. Nor the other home remedies that have the same claims


First- If you have any moles that change shape/color, any growths or scaley type appearance on the skin, what you think is a wart- Get it checked by a professional. 

Any changes in the skin should be checked.

Cancers of the skin have a 1000 faces. What may seem to be slight eczema may be more than you think!

This image is one of eczema from Wikimedia. This is where we get fooled, many skin ailments appear harmless, when in fact it could be very serious.

Simple moles, warts, skin tags and many of the other things that grow on our skin need to be checked to verify what they are before treating them. 

Case in Point-

A friend of mine had a scaly patch on his forehead, near the hairline. He applied a moisturizer and it disappeared. He noticed it again and reapplied the moisturizer. Again, it went away. This continued for a couple months. A friend of his saw it and advised him to get it checked out. He flet it was nothing but did go to a skin doctor. It turned out to be Basil Cell Carcinoma. 

Appearing the size of a dime on the surface, the roots extended to the size of a half dollar. He has a scar about 2 inches long.

He continues to see a dermatologist where they burn off sunspots, a possible precursor to the plague he has.

For more info on what this cancer is, go here.

You may have read many claims that this indeed is so, that this tropical oil has the properties to shield your skin from the harmful rays that radiate from the sun;and is powerful enough to kill any cancer cells that begin to develop.

Not only is coconut oil for skin cancer claimed to be a miraculous cure, there are other natural remedies for this skin ailment that have the same claims.

  • Plant extracts
  • Eggplant extract cream
  • Lugols solution
  • Iodine tincture
  • Glycoalkaloid ointment

These are a few I found with a quick search.

I cannot attest to validity of any claims- What I can do is tell you about a classmate.

I am currently a student at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.(If you want to now more about this school, contact me)

One of the students had a sunspot/growth, went to the doctor and it was confirmed that it was a type of skin cancer.  She took the natural approach. After researching natural/home remedies, she chose one and began the treatment. To her amazement, the spot began to disappear! Yet, something in her guided her back to the doctor for another biopsy. It came back Positive for the same thing that had been plaguing her. 

The outward appearance was positive, yet these cells have roots. What appears on the surface is larger than the eye can see.

If you or someone you knows opts to use a natural/home remedy for anything that is unusual growth or scale on the skin, you need to have it checked by a physician. This is your life! Remember, our lives depend on the decisions we make. 


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