Sty, How To Avoid the Squeeze

Sty in the eye- Medically known as a Hordeolum, is very aggravating. Do you have a pimple type lump on your eyelid? I did.

My eye pimple hung around for about a week. My lower eyelid was red and painful. It looked like maybe a pimple, yet raw in appearance. At first, I thought it was an eyelash twisted, scraping my eyeball. Then it felt like sand in my eye when I blinked.

I had an appointment to see my doctor, so I asked her about it. She said "Oh, its a horydome" (This is what I heard). She said it would go way on its own. It seemed to take forever, in reality it was about week.

One day I felt moisture in and around my eye. It popped! It was instant relief. You dont have to tough it out though, there is natural help for a sty.

The medical term is Hordeolum. Not horydome, Who knew?

Since that time, I have found that coconut oil may bring the relief to the irritation.

What brought my revelation?

My poor coworker is prone to stys. It seems she gets them every few months. Once again, she came in and I saw the all familiar redness on her eye lid. She had twins, on the upper and lower eyelid.

I felt for her, it looked very painful. I asked her if she was using anything to clear it. She said she hadnt, as it had just appeared that morning.

I know all to well the benefits of coconut oil for minor burns and scratches. It seems part of my job is to injure myself. I work with my hands and they take a beating.

Keeping coconut oil in my drawer for this reason, I asked her if she wanted to try it.

Knowing the concern she had of getting it in her eye, I assured her it wont hurt if it gets in, but not to use it as eyedrops. It just gives blurry vision for a minute. I use it on my eyes daily, occasionally it will get in my eye.

Using a q-tip, I gently applied coconut oil on the red areas. She said it made it feel slighly better.

That evening when I arrived home from work, an order of coconut oil arrived by UPS. Great timing! It included a sample pouch of the tropical oil.

The following morning, I took the sample to her. The redness looked better, but not gone. I applied the oil again and suggested she use is several times a day.

Impressive! The next morning it looked great! The redness had lessoned and it was feeling better. She contuinues to use it the next few days. She now knows coconut oil is great for this eye irritant!

Bonus- coconut oil is great for brittle eyelashes too. While treating this eye condition, the lashes are being nourished as well.

What is a (Hordeolum)?

As my doctor said, a sty it is like a pimple on or near the eyelashes. It is red and painful lump along the eyelash line. In researching a this eye issue, I found it is a gland that gets clogged, similiar to a pimple. Harmless, most times they go away by themselves. Coconut oil may ease the irritation and may assist in healing a sty.

Chalazia is another red lump we can get in the eye lash area. It is not the same as a hordeolum, although at times mistaken for one. This eye irritant is a cyst type lump.

If you have any eye irritations, consult a physician for professional guidance.

Home remedy with coconut oil

Apply a warm cloth to the area if possible. Do this 3-4 times a day. This helps to draw out the pus.

Using a q-tip- Gently dap coconut on the sty. It is not recommended to apply in the eye.

Repeat this 3-4 times a day until it is gone. Usually within a week.

Million dollar question, if using coconut oil on the face and eyes as a moisturizer, can it prevent a sty from forming?

We are open to your expereinces with coconut oil for any ailment or irritant. Do you have exerperince with a sty and coconut oil?

Let us know and we will include it on our site as we expand.


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