Dry Nostril is Relieved With Coconut Oil

Can this be true? 

This page is dedicated to Jeff, to whom I am indebted. His sharing of dry nostrils has brought yet another great way to use coconut oil.

Jeffs left nostril was dry. Dry as the desert. It felt like a pimple had erupted inside in nose. When he unconsciously would rub the side of his nose, the nostril stuck closed and it was painful! After some time and it didnt heal, he searched for a remedy. He found an over an counter hydrator. A gel that was squirted into the nose.

He said it did bring relief, but had some odd affects-


It is effective-Temporarily


When the gel dries, it feels like a dried booger. This is irritating so he felt the need to remove it.Yet, when he did, the irritation returned. He did find using a few drops of water to rehydrated the gel relieved this feeling. Yet the water caused the feeling of needing to blowing his nose. 

If he did clear the passage, the irritation would return. This turned into a cycle. Frustration abounds! It didnt heal the problem, it only relieved the irritation temporily. The core issue remained. Dehydrated mucus membranes in the nostril!

Not to forget, what is in the gel?

Another over the counter treatment is like a teapot for the nostrils. This is messy and unnecessary. Jeff is a truck driver, this is not convenient for him while driving his big rig.

Yes- There is a solution, soon to be discovered!

In the bathroom sat a jar of coconut oil- Jeff had been using this on his face as a moisturizer.  

As he was applying the oil to his face, he had an AHA moment. Could the coconut oil help? He used a Q-tip to gently apply the oil into his nose. 

First-He applied the oil to the Q-tip. Very gently inserting the cotton swab into the affected nostril. Massaging it in the membrane, gently rolling it on the dry membrane and surrounding areas. He had instant relief! He continued this for the next 2 days and all was well. He still uses it to prevent the nostril from drying again.

How does the nostril dry out?

  • Dry air- Cold weather and indoor heat.
  • High altitudes
  • Airline travel

Nose Picking

Children are notorious for this. It could be the dryness, yet they are scolded for this act.  They say it hurts, dont we touch something that hurts us?

Yes, adults do this to. The mucus dries making it difficult to remove with a tissue. Rather than moistening it for easy removal, some opt to pick. This may cause an abrasion in the membrane.

Coconut oil to the rescue! Keeping the membranes moist is the key to avoiding the dryness issues.

When flying, going to higher altitudes or cold weather, maybe a dash of this miracle oil is the trick to moist happy nostrils.

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Disclaimer- Jeff nor I are medical professionals, just average people seeking simple natural ways to care for ourselves. What we discover, we share with you, feel free to pass this on, even this website!


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