Coconut oil for Candida overgrowth-The Real Deal?

I Thought I was Dying

I had an extremely bad experience with a bacterial imbalance. Not candida, it was C-Dif(Clostridium difficile) (klos-TRID-e-uhm dif-uh-SEEL). I refer C-dif as a cousin to candida, the bad cousin.

I felt odd, a bit off kilter and weak. At this point, I had a low grade fever. As the day progressed, so did this illness. It had been 3 weeks since  my  hysterectomy.  This illness is unlikely to be a result or affect of  surgery.

I called the doctor and he stated it was probably a virus. I treated it as such, but deep down knew I was very ill.

The next day I was extremely ill. High fever, extreme bowel disfunction(diarrhea) and nauseous. Like the flu x 1000. This bug had taken control at a very fast pace.

I was taken to the ER where they evaluated, tested and then diagnosed C-Dif. This particular illness is generally found in the elderly or those with compromised immune systems. I was 42 and very healthy.

After I recovered, I had symptoms that may have been Candida. At the time, I associated all the odd things occurring within my body to The surgery and subsequent illness.

Fatigue, rashes, continued digestive disturbance were the main issues that continued sporadically for several months. If I did have candida overgrowth, it was caught at the beginning stages.

Due to the intestinal infection, I had been eating alot of yogurt to balance the bacteria. I didnt know about coconut oil for candida at the time.

About Candida

Candida Albicans is the most common fungi to present problems in a human host. It is responsible for many types of infections.

They reside in the moist membranes such as the mouth, vagina and intestines. These are warm moist areas that are an ideal environment for them to thrive once an imbalance begins.

Coconut oil for candida, a natural remedy has shown promise to those that suffer from this overgrowth.

I have provided a link to Medline, below. This has detailed information about Candida.

Candida symptoms>>>>opens a new page


Candida Coconut Oil and Antibiotics

Candida overgrowth like C-dif(Clostridium difficile) can be caused by antibiotic use. Excessive antibiotic use can destroy healthy bacteria and yeast, permitting the bad bacteria/yeast to take over.

In the same sense, antibiotic use is a cause of vaginal yeast infections.

I had been given antibiotics during surgery, yet the doctor felt it was not an amount to kill my healthy bacteria.

If that can happen with antibiotics, doesnt it make sense the same can happen to the Candida yeast?

There are a few ways candida may get out of control

  • Antibiotic use
  • Excessive sugar intake
  • Compromised immune systems

Those with cancer and aids for example are more susceptible to this yeast overgrowth. These patients need to be treated by their physician for any illness they acquire. This natural treatment for candida is not recommended for these patients, or anyone with a compromised immune disorder without professional medical guidance.

Main stream medicine-

Modern medicine does not recognize the symptoms presented to them as candida overgrowth. Therefore, it can be difficult to get a diagnosis of this yeast overgrowth.

It is strongly advised to seek medical advice before self treating. Ruling out any serious underlying conditions/ailments is the best you can do for yourself. Communicating with your healthcare provider is in your best interest.

Candida can present itself with one or more symptoms. They may disappear and return, or hang around. You can take a written candida test here. (This opens a new window) Scroll down a bit. It is near the bottom of the page.

I'll have a cup of tea while until you return.

How did you score?

It is my hope all went well. In the event your test showed you may have candida, there are online labs where you can order candida testing.

You simply order the specific test; they email you the requisition for you to take to the lab.

Through diet(opens a new window) modification, and coconut oil for candida overgrowth, many have found the amazing properties of this tropical oil. Including probiotics is a great way to balance the yeast.

For some, candida is hard to balance, but it is possible. My research has shown it may to take as long as 6 months. This is dependent on the severity of the overgrowth, and your overall health.


Word of Caution

Be wary of any treatment that contains bacteria. Some supplements can cause a secondary illness. Always research ingredients before buying.

Research reviews online for dangers and effectiveness.

Using coconut oil, along with the candida diet may be the effective way to combat Candida.

Coconut oil for Candida is a one ingredient approach. Incorporating it with a healthy diet may do the trick.



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