Can Coconut Oil for Brain Fog Bring Clarity of Mind?

Coconut oil for brain fog, who would have known this natural oil could dissolve the fog.

Many people experience this on occasion. The seemingly disconnect of thoughts or thinking through a haze. Mental clarity diminishes as the fog increases.

It is often described in different words, yet, is one in the same.

From mild to severe, it may seem sedating. Causing sleepiness and restlessness.

Some feel totally detached from their body. As if they are walking along side themselves.

I used to experience this when I ate a certain meat from a fast food restaurant.

Pork and foggy brain

Within minutes of eating this meat, my eyes would glaze over and I had no mental clarity. It felt like I was looking for myself. The fog seemed to cover my brain.

Feeling somewhat disoriented and out of sorts. Finding focus seemed impossible while the floating feeling continued.

This would stay with me for hours. And then, out of nowhere, it lifted and I was fine.

This also happened to a friend of mine. We knew the look, when it happened we would say "Your getting the fog". The eyes showed it before the mind felt it.

Since that time, my diet has changed drastically. I hadnt experienced this for years. Then menopause hit. Fortunately for me, I had come across coconut oil. Coconut oil dissolves the haze!. Such a simple solution.

I began to notice the haze return. Only on occasion, but that is enough for me to take action.

Feeling confused, not sure what I am doing and my movement seemed distant. Like being in a dream, outside the body.

I associated this with times I didnt take the oil as a supplement. Taking a dose( 2 tsp) would rectify my mental clarity and I would regain my mind.

With my mental clarity returned, I sailed on through the day.

It was not instantaneous but within 45 minutes, my brain was clear.

What causes this?

Brain fog is not a diagnosis in the medical or psychological communities. It is real, yet so vague there are isnt alot of information on the causes.

Reports from those that have experienced have given clues as to possible causes.

  • Lack of sleep
  • Malnutrition
  • Food sensitivities
  • Hormonal changes
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiency
  • Over exposure to chemicals at work or in the home
  • Diseases and medications

You may recognize one or more of these may be causing brain fog. Simple diet modification may be the only action to take.

Coconut oil with a healthy diet does the trick for me. I do occasionaly forget my daily dose. If the the brain fog returns, I soon remember to take it.

If this is troubling you, try keeping a journal of foods, sleep patterns and activities that may trigger it. Seeking professional advice from your physician can rule out any serious conditions. Give coconut oil a shot for your brain fog, you may be pleasantly surprised.


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